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Benefits of APS Custom Printed Packaging Tape

    1. Prevents Pilferage – Delivery companies or anyone else cannot open and then try to reseal because they do not have your tape.  Prevents theft and secures integrity of product.
    2. Fraud Prevention — When someone wants to return something, you can tell if the box was opened or not.  They cannot reseal your box without your tape!
    3. You can now color code by department or color code by item.
    4. Reduce your costs - Save up to 50% - 60%  on every package you seal vs printed boxes.
    5. PRMOTE WHILE YOU PROTECT - ADVERTISEMENT — You can print almost anything on the tape – website, logo, disclaimer, warning, reorder or handling instructions and telephone, just to name a few,  APS Printed Tape is one of the most affordable ways to bring attention to your brand.  Your boxes will be identified immediately and your logo can be seen from all angles. 
    6. APS Tape can now add a QR Code and a Bar Code to your custom printed tape.

    1. SECURITY – Use our “Tamper Evident Tape” for extreme protection.  Give your customers peace of mind by providing them with a safe way to ship your products without the hassle of damaged, lost or stolen goods.
    2. “Cold—Temp Tape” Specifically manufactured for freezer or refrigerated needs.